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16G Double Clear Cubic Zirconia Rose Gold Titanium Eyebrow Curved Barbell Ring

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Standard, Sleek - ***Implant Grade Steel This grade of steel is top of the line. It is highly recommended, but it comes down to a personal preference on whether you want to pay a little bit more for the best. Lots of people are fine to use the basic 316L steel, but for some people with extremely sensitive skin, getting the top grade of steel usually helps. åÊåÊåÊ * Solid steel jewelry CAN be autoclaved * Simply wash with antibacterial soap and warm water before inserting into your piercing

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  • Hot TRENDY New Rose Gold Color!
  • Size: 16 gauge - 8mm & 10mm Lengths
  • Clear Cubic Zirconia Ball Size: 3mm & 4mm Gem Balls
  • Great for Eyebrows, Nipples, Lips, Cheeks ect...